Fees - Boort Natural Therapies
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Remedial Massage


Initial Appointment – 45 minutes
Fee – $70
Your initial session includes a 30 minute massage plus extra time for paperwork, case history taking & any testing required.


Follow-up Appointment – 30 minutes
Fee – $60*
A 30-minute appointment can assist in rehabilitation, pain and injury management in minor, acute conditions (i.e. recent sports injuries). Short session times are great for kids and anyone wishing to have less time between maintenance treatments. (weekly/fortnight)


Follow-up Appointment – 60 minutes
Fee – $85*
A 60-minutes appointment can assist in rehabilitation, pain and injury management. Remedial Massage is the assessment and treatment of muscle dysfunctions that cause pain or restrict movement. This longer treatment is ideal for chronic conditions & when longer time between maintenance appointments is preferred. (monthly or longer)



Relaxation Massage


Fees are the same as the Remedial Massage Fees (Initial fee does not apply for Relaxation).
Relaxation massage promotes wellbeing, can help improve sleep, treat anxiety and tension, and enhance a range of systemic body functions such as circulation and general wellbeing.


*Student & Aged Pension Discounts Apply. Private Health Fund Rebates are available with Karen, excluding HCF & Medibank Private.



Naturopathic Consultation


Initial Consultation – 90 minutes
Fee – $160
Your initial consultation is a fact finding & testing session. We will take an extensive case history to determine your current health status, including family & medical history, diet analysis & lifestyle factors influencing your wellbeing. If needed, we may perform comprehensive diagnostic tests suited to your health needs. We will then spend time researching and planning an individual wellbeing program for your specific health needs.


Follow-up Consultation – 30 minutes
Fee – $90
During this follow-up appointment, your Naturopath will check in with you, continue to work on your wellness goals and you will leave with an updated treatment plan and supplement program.